The Fall of Heroes

The Most Powerful Spell Day One part 2

Princess Shialla

Princess Shialla awoke to a sunbathed chamber, complete with a small ball of easily excitable and overly affectionate fur. Upon collecting herself she exited her chambers and made her way down into the inner castle of Brun. She met the royal horse lord, Ose and the King as well. Offering to let her take out the King’s horse for a well needed ride, she hopped up on Skorn and left the inner castle walls. As the heavy portcullis was raised she was immediately greeted by a few small children of the well established and prospering city. Finally goading her into playing with them, Princess Shialla returned Skorn and followed a small girl by the name of Neidra. Neidra led her to her house that she shared with her mother, mentioning that her father, Robert, had left to work by the jungle to the North. Neidra offered the Princess some of their humble hospitality and invite her to stay for an early supper. The Princess met Neidra’s mother, Stella, and was informed that her husband had been gone for close to a year and that he had been last seen by the logging camp responsible for providing fresh building materials for the expanding city. Stella asked for the Princess to bring the matter to the King’s attention and that she would be in her debt if it resulted in a scouting party or news of her husband. The princess thanked Stella and Neidra for inviting her into their home and made her way back to the castle to speak to her father, and then be off to bed herself.



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