The Fall of Heroes

The Most Powerful Spell Day One


It all began in a rough stone hewn room in a shrouded Yuan-Ti Temple located in the Northern Jungle of S’z Thrazz. Kishin awoke and was greeted by The Chosen sacrifice, Rissa, and told him that the High Priests needed him to scout out the outlying jungle borders that were being cut down by the neighboring Hill kingdom of Brun, the Red Flag. He collected his gear and left silently to the jungle front, ready to prove to the High Priests that he was worthy of his Half-Blood Heritage. Upon arriving at the site of the logging, he quickly climbed a hidden watch tower and surveyed the scene. From up on his perch, he could easily make out the kingdom in the distance, as well as the immediate area. Being a jungle, there were trees every dozen or so feet, but there were several areas that were almost completely impassible due to the dense growth of trees. Hearing strange noises to his left, he witnessed another Yuan-Ti being struck by an arrow from and unseen assailant. Making his way over to the opposite watch tower, he was ambushed by a team of Jungle Knolls that roamed the outskirts of the Yuan-Ti’s territory. Not hesitating to draw his bow, he made quick work of the first Gnoll, pinning it to a thick tree trunk with an arrow expertly driven through its chest. The remaining two proved to be more difficult, and managed to strike him in the chest before being almost cut in half by the twin katars he wielded. The remaining Gnoll stumbled and fell to the same sharp blades as his friends. On the wary back to the first watch tower, albeit careful, he fell victim to a pair of cloaked enemies and was struck unconscious.



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